Microsoft will start sending end of support notifications to Windows 7 Pro Users who are not a part of an IT domain. The reason Microsoft will start sending a pop-up notification next month so the users will upgrade their Operating System to Windows 10 as it is recommended by them. It is believed that the Operating System ‘Windows 7 Pro’ will reach its end of support on January 14, 2020.

Microsoft already started issuing end of support pop-up notifications for ‘Windows 7 Home’ users earlier this year. Microsoft has mentioned that they will not be giving technical support anymore to Microsoft Windows 7 users after it reaches its end of support.

The most common question that appeared after Microsoft came up with this decision is ‘What will happen when Windows 7 support ends? If you continue to use Windows 7 after support has ended, your PC device will still work normally, but it will become more vulnerable and at a greater risk of getting infected with viruses, malware and adware because the operating system will no longer receive security and software updates from Microsoft. Therefore, it is endorsed for all Windows 7 users to back up their files before the end of support as the technical service will no longer be available.

The main motive of Microsoft to come up with this decision so their users can shift to Windows 10 as they want them to experience their enormous userbase which is running over 900 million devices as of last month. Microsoft believes that their new operating system is user-friendly, offers cross-device familiarity and universal applications.