Here are some easy steps to Enable the Wifi Adapter on Windows Server 2016 & 2019


Step 1. Download the Wi-Fi drivers if you don’t have them.


Step 2. Go to Server Manager by right-clicking on This PC.



Step 3. After that CLICK on Add roles and features.

Step 4. Then CLICK on Next, and choose your server.





CLICK Next again.



Step 5. After that in Server Roles page scroll down to ensure that File and Storage Services are installed, then CLICK Next.

Step 6. Then in Features scroll down until you find Wireless LAN Services box, check that box, and then CLICK on Next.



Step 7. Install Wireless LAN Services, then RESTART your computer.

Step 8. After that go back to Server Manager, and CLICK on Services.




Step 9. Then enable WLAN AutoConfig by right-clicking on it and CLICK Start Service, then CLICK OK.

Step 10.Go to the computer or server Adapter Settings right click on the wifi adapter and then click Enable

Wola! Now you can connect your Server to Wifi!