Here are some steps to re-enable the ask before delete dialog. Please note that the solution is in Step 4 (If You Have The Recycle Bin On Your Desktop)



Step 1. Make sure that the Recycle Bin icon     is on your Desktop if you already have it as an icon (not a shortcut) Skip to Step 4. 

if it’s not on your Desktop, using the mouse/touchpad Right CLICK on your Desktop then choose Personalize.


Step 2. Go to Themes then choose Desktop icon settings from the right of the screen.




Step 3. After that check, the Recycle Bin box then CLICK on Apply and OK.




Step 4. Right CLICK on the Recycle Bin and CLICK on Properties and then Check or Uncheck Display delete confirmation dialog.

Step 5. Click Apply Then Okay.


There you have it now every time you delete an item it will ask for confirmation before you delete!