Here are a few steps on  how to create a Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Installation Media Flash Drive To Install On your Computer or Server

Step 1. Go to if you are downloading the trial version

Choose what you want to download, for example, Windows Server 2019 Essentials


Step2. Select your evaluation file type, then CLICK on Continue, and fill up your information then CLICK on Continue.


Step 3. After that CLICK on Download.

Step 4. Download Rufus (Rufus is a bootable USB drive creator)

Step 5. Make sure your USB is plugged in (16 GB USB recommended), then run Rufus, and select your USB device, for boot selection select Disk or ISO image, then on the right CLICK on SELECT to use the chosen ISO image that you downloaded.

Step 6. After that choose GPT for Partition Scheme. It’s going to be UEFI setup, not Legacy setup so choose UEFI for Target System.

Step 7. Select The File System FAT32 or NTFS, for me, I’ll choose NTFS. After that CLICK on START, then it will give you a warning saying *ALL DATA ON THIS DEVICE WILL BE DESTROYED* CLICK on OK unless you have important data then you have to remove them.

And that’s it! You now have Windows Server 2019 Media USB Flash Drive Ready To Start The Install Process